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Picking the Best Career Mentoring Program

Mentorship ProgramsFor years, mentoring programs have proved to significantly benefit and improve a company’s chances at success. Guiding teams on the skill sets required and sharing insights on various leadership skills, and defined goals assures a more self-reliant and accomplished department. Developing a suitable mentoring plan that will help you and your team achieve success is the first and most crucial step.


Our Mentoring Readiness Program is a workshop that will aid you in picking out the most suitable mentoring plan for your organization. Through the study of the various company decision-makers and stakeholders, our team of experts will ensure a precise and secure mentoring program for your organization. In addition to expanding your team’s knowledge and career success, a suitable mentoring plan will also ensure your company’s future growth.


Discover Your Objectives

The first step in building the perfect mentoring plan for your company is to ensure all your objectives are met. Through our Mentoring Readiness Program, we focus on tackling each company goal and guiding you and your team on the different aspects and elements of the organization that should be emphasized when implementing a suitable career plan.


The different most valuable aspects for the implementation of a successful mentoring plan include:

  • Delineating and specifying major company goals
  • Defining the significant indicators required to measure the completion of the designated objectives
  • Recognizing the main features that are key for professional growth
  • Pinpointing and preparing for the advantages and disadvantages that might present themselves during the implementation of the mentoring plan

With our Mentoring Readiness Program’s help, our main goal will be to respond to these elements as mentioned above, ensuring a successful implementation of your company’s mentoring program, leading to clear professional growth.


Utilize Your Participants’ Feedback

Not only do mentoring plans aid with company growth but personal growth as well. It is of great value to consider your workshop participants’ feedback to help progress your company plan. Our Mentoring Readiness Program will address this important issue by guiding you, and your institute on the valuable aspects of feedbacks mentoring relationships provide. With our program’s help, you will collect and analyze data received by the participants of your workshops, analyze their understanding and program status, identify the critical elements of accomplishment in your plan, and address the points that may be lacking to ensure total success.


Set Off for Success

At the end of our Mentoring Readiness program, to ensure a successful future for your organization, we will prepare a post-evaluation report which will include everything you have learned with us. In addition to the newly implemented plan, your past mentoring program will be included to help you compare your work and growth when creating new plans in the future.


Assuring success is only a mentoring program away, so why not pick the best one for you?

Arezou Harraf


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